About the Legal Services Board

The Board of LSB is comprised of a seven member Board of Directors, appointed by the territorial Minister of Justice and representing regional and justice related organizations.


The Legal Services Board is created by the Legal Services Act of Nunavut. The Board is responsible for providing legal aid services to the Territory and it’s mandated, via the Act, to:

(a) to ensure the provision of legal services to all eligible persons;
(b) to ensure that the legal services provided and the various systems for providing those services are the best that circumstances permit; and
(c) to develop and co-ordinate territorial or local programs aimed at
(i) reducing and preventing the occurrence of legal problems,
(ii) increasing knowledge of the law, legal processes and the administration of justice, and
(iii) providing public education and outreach with respect to human rights.

The Board membership is made up of:

1 Representative from the Law Society of Nunavut,
1 Representative from the GN Department of Justice,
1 Representative from each of the Qikiqtani, Kivalliq and Kitikmeot regions;
2 members at large.

The next meeting of the Board will be held at a time to be determined.