Kitikmeot Law Centre

Located on the Southern shore of Vitoria Island, the Kitikmeot Law Centre in Cambridge Bay has the honour of being Canada’s most Northern Legal Aid Clinic.

The clinic serves the Kitikmeot Region of the Western Arctic, which is 5 communities strong. The main office of KLC is in Cambridge Bay, but we also have satellite offices in each of the other Kitikmeot communities; Kugluktuk, Taloyoak, Gjoa Haven and Kugaaruk. Each of our satellite offices is staffed by a Courtworker, who liaises with the lawyers in Cambridge Bay or from other clinics to communicate with clients and ensure that members of the communities are getting the legal services they need when the lawyers are not physically in the community.


The main office of KLC is fully staffed with four lawyers and two administrative staff. We have 2 criminal defence lawyers who handle the court circuits in all of our communities, a family lawyer who gives advice and handles family law matters, and a poverty/civil lawyer who handles files such as landlord/tenant issues, employment law problems and human rights complaints among other things.

We also have a full-time courtworker in Cambridge Bay who is responsible for helping the lawyers get ready for circuit, locating clients, and liaising with community members. A new addition to the KLC staff is our office manager and Community Programs Coordinator. It is our goal, through this position, to help design and implement programming in the Kitikmeot which will be off benefit to our clients and the communities in which we live.

Our main office is located at 23 Mitik Street in Cambridge Bay and our office hours are 9 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday.